Go West - chill out,  a green oasis for all ages

Idea and monitoring:

The idea to renovate  the playground at Hauptmannsreute goes back to the Youth council Stuttgart West. Supervised by Studio Wolfgang Zaumseil and accompanied by the people living in the neighbourhood, schools of Stuttgart West, the Youth club of Stuttgart West, mobile youth initiative West and the Nikolauspflege Kräherwald (a school for the blind) a playground serving all ages was developed.

Additionally the interests of Nature Conservation were respected. This location is an urbane retreat for about 50 bird Species and the common wall lizard which has spread and colonized along the Gäubahn train line that runs past here.


Others involved and also supervised by the Studio Wolfgang Zaumseil:

  • 12 students of the Hölderlin high school art class. who had already created  mosaics for the 3 thrones with themes lizards & butterflies back in July 2010.
  • 20 pupils of a class from a vocational school for colour and design had made the ceramics for the pillows and benches in their last two terms of 2011/2012

  • 7 pupils from Hasenbergschule had created the ceramics for the “octopus” at Rutschenstieg in 2012/2013 and in April 2014 put it into situe.


Awarding authority: Regional capital City of Stuttgart Garden, Cemetery and Forestry buro

Architect: Wolfgang Zaumseil, Dilp. Ing. Freelance architect and construction artist

Area of the play ground: 1650 square metres

Measures taken: Breaking the seal of affixed areas, making terraces, creating elements for rest and respite (chillax areas)  physical training equipment for senior citizens, large slide down the large hill slide, climbing track, artistic creation of surfaces

Construction cost: 290.000,-€

Companies that execute the work: Firma Hörr, Remseck garden and landscape construction , Firma WEAG, Schlosserei und Metallbau (fitters and metal construction) in Aglasterhausen

Finalisation: 2014